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Professional management of your property. EMANUEL GRANATA en

Professional management of your property

To Rent in a confidence and inteligent way, rent with INMOBILIARIAX.  We are experts in the home and premises rentals, and if you desire, we also can manage it , so that you  dont need to worry  about anything.

Experts at the rental management in POBLACIONX

INMOBILIARIAX will have a trusted advisor who will help you  at the different stages of the rental in POBLACIONX, as the analysis of the house-hunter, the contracts,  the incidents with the tenant, the supply and collection  management…

We will guide you through the rental process, in order to ensure your tranquility and the proper develoment of the rental

Security and legal advice

We will inform you about all the legal aspects you need to know, as the contract time-limits, increases conditions, termination of the agreement and many other points you can find throughout the rental of the property.

We will make a strict analysis of the potential tenants, we will ask for the maximum guarantee and we will study the employment, economic and familiar situation of the tenant; in order to ensure a good renter, without future problems.

Guaranteed Rent and comprehensive management in POBLACIONX

If you wish, we can take out insurance which ensure the rental payment to feel protected against any unexpected default.We also offer you the option to take on the total rental management , tenant's collection, small fault repairs, taxes,…

INMOBILIARIAX specialists at the rental management at POBLACIONX